Apply for "Climbing the ladder" training course for youth leaders in France (Fully funded)

If you are interested in working in the field of youth and qualifying young leaders in decision-making processes at the local level. we invite you to Apply for " Climbing the ladder" training course in Strasbourg, France for 7 days. The Study session will be organised by DYPALL Network in cooperation with the Assembly of European Regions (AER) and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

Apply for "Climbing the ladder" training course for youth leaders in France (Fully funded)

About Study session 

This session aims to empower youth leaders to participate in decision-making processes at the local level focuses on two of the five strategic priorities for the youth sector of the Council of Europe: revitalising pluralistic democracy and youth action. This session also aims to revitalise pluralistic democracy, promote good development, recognise youth work through sustainable action plans, value the role that youth can play in these processes, and equip youth delegates, youth workers, representatives of local youth councils and similar participation structures with practical knowledge and skills to enhance youth engagement processes aimed at local level across Europe.

Objectives of Study Session

Training 25 youth leaders from all over Europe and some other countries on youth participation in decision-making processes at the local level in their countries in line with the latest recommendations, structures and models of the European Council.

Create and test a learning module based on non-formal education that includes vital skills to encourage youth leaders to take concrete action at the local level and increase their practical experience.

Empowerment and support of 25 young facilitators committed to revitalizing pluralistic democracy and promoting youth political participation from the local to the European level.

About Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a French city located in the east of the country, close to a number of Swiss, Belgian and German border cities such as Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Zurich. The city is located on the banks of the River Ill, a tributary of the famous Rhine, and hosts the headquarters of a number of famous international institutions such as the European Commission and the European Parliament. It is the seat of the European Parliament and many of the institutions of the European Commission. Strasbourg is one of the most famous tourist destinations in France and Europe and contains many tourist attractions such as Strasbourg Cathedral, Gutenberg Square, Orangerie Park, Strasbourg Historical Museum, Chocolate Museum, Museum of Modern Art. Certainly you will be lucky if you visited Strasbourg.

Finance and Benefits

Travel expenses to and from the venue will be fully reimbursed by organisers, Expenses over 350 euros shall be confirmed by the organisers before the purchase.

The arrival and departure airports are Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart or the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport (alternative)

Visa costs will be reimbursed by the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe secretariat will issue an invitation letter that should facilitate the delivery of visas to attend the study session.

Green transportation is encouraged such as by train or bus,especially for travels that take less than 12 hours.

- Accommodation and meals will be provided for free by organisers in the European youth Centre in Strasbourg, France.

- You will be accommodated in single room with Private bathroom.

The participation fee for the study session is 50 EUR per participant. The fee is deducted from the refund of the travel expenses.


- Your age between 18 and 30 years old (exceptional cases can be accepted,when justified)

- Able to work in English

- Be a resident in one of the following countries

  • Council of Europe member State ( Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey, Iceland Germany, Austria, Cyprus,  Switzerland, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Andorra, Latvia, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine, Republic of Macedonia, Russian Federation and Croatia , Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monaco, Montenegro)
  • Also  the organisers eager to involve 1 participant from Morocco and 1 from Algeria. Other exceptions may be possible depending on the application form.
- Be able to attend the whole duration of the training course.

- Have a previous experience in the field of Youth participation and Youth engagement.

- Have highly motivated towards learning about models and local youth polices for youth participation.

- You are belong to organisation or public authority you have been collaborating with, preferably in the field of youth participation and youth work.

- Covid test necessary to travel to Strasbourg and back.


Deadline: 20th of February 2022 

Results: 27th of February 2022 

Arrival: Arrival day is 24th of April 2022 (Preferably by 6 pm)

Departure : Departure day is 30th of April 2022

How to Apply?

To apply for participation in this Study visit, please fill in the online application form here

for more details check the official link of the opportunity from here 

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