"Open Your Mind" Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project in Georgia ( Fully Funded)

Great opportunity to participate in a youth Exchange program on the importance of Emotional Intelligence for Intercultural awareness. This program will be organised by CAYNEX organisation for 10 days in Bakuriani, Georgia and fully funded by Erasmus+ for 40 participants.

"Open Your Mind" Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project in Bakuriani, Georgia ( Fully Funded)


It is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organisation in Georgia. It works by applying European and liberal democratic values in civil society to further its development, protection and respect for universal human rights. It also aspires to raise awareness about the protection of the rights of ethnic, sexual and other minorities in order to increase the integration process at the regional and global level. Caynex, in cooperation with partners from program countries, implemented 22 international Erasmus+ projects in Georgia on various topics.

About Bakuriani 

Bakuriani is a "small town" and snow ski resort in the Borjomi region of Georgia. It is located on the northern slope of the Triality Range, at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. 180 km north of the capital, Tbilisi. The resort is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike. It is also a great place for children to take part in winter sports and activities. It is the best four seasons mountain resort, an ideal destination for recreational purposes as well as for sports and nature lovers.

About the Project

This project will be about Emotional Intelligence for Intercultural awareness. As Europe becomes culturally diverse, higher emotional intelligence in society can play an important role in communication between different cultures and respect towards each other. Empathy, respect, social cooperation, participation and international awareness is one of the most effective forms of building emotionally intelligent societies.

Moreover, after the pandemic, youth organisations had to overcome the global crisis by sharing mindful practices, developing strong social and emotional skills, and strengthening Intercultural cooperation. It is essential that young people are empowered to develop a respect for their cultural identity and the values ​​of others.

Finance and Benefits

- Host organisation will cover Travel expenses for each Participant, the maximum amount of money is they will reimburse you is the following:

France: 500 EUR per person

Netherlands: 500 EUR per person

Germany: 330 EUR per person

Croatia: 330 EUR per person

Azerbaijan: 245 EUR per person

Ukraine: 245 EUR per person

Armenia: 150 EUR per person

- The Erasmus+ travel lump sum is a bit higher than they stated here. This is because they are deducting 30 EUR per person to organise your travel from Tbilisi city centre to Bakuriani and back.

- The Participants will be hosted at the Ritza hotel which is fully equipped to host international projects with appropriate equipment, working spaces and leisure time activities.

- You will be sharing a double or triple room with people of the same sex but different nationality, each room has one bathroom.

There are towels and bed linens in the hotel.

- There is free internet around the facilities.

- The accommodation and food are fully covered by Erasmus+ Fund.

- Health insurance is not covered, each participant is required to purchase health insurance individually.

The visa is not needed for the participants from countries included in this project.

Participation fee is 20 EUR per participant , just for Accepted Participants.


- You are from one of the following countries ( France, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Croatia)

Your age between 18 - 30 years, but the Group leader can be older than 30. in this project there will be 5 participants including Group leader from each country.

- Able to Communicate in English.

- Motivated to meet people from different countries and explore topics related to emotional intelligence and intercultural awareness.

-  You don't need to have any prior experience with international projects.

- You have the motivation and dedication to participate fully in this project.


A total of 10 days from 23 March to 1 April 2022.

How to Apply?

First: Fill in the application form here

Secondly: Contact with the partner organisation in your country for more details.

The Partner organisations are the follows:- 

Fire Flies - Netherlands

Youth Bridges - Germany

YOUTH MIX - Armenia

Youth Agents of Change - Ukraine

Common Sense Youth Organisation - Azerbaijan

Institute of Youth Power - Croatia 


You will receive the answer on 23rd of February. You will also be notified if you are not selected. 

For more details check info-pack from here

Apply Now

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