Traineeship at the ECML in Graz, Austria with 720€ Monthly allowance

An excellent opportunity to train at the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz, Austria for a period of 6 months, with a monthly allowance of 720 euros. The ECML provides four different types of training corresponding to four specialized areas that you can apply for.

About Traineeship

The European Center for Modern Languages ​​is a body of the Council of Europe that contributes generally to the implementation of language policies and the promotion of innovative methods of learning and teaching modern languages. The European Center for Modern Languages ​​(ECML) recruits interns twice a year for a paid internship period of six months. The trainees will be responsible for specific assignments in one of the four available disciplines:

Website Specialisation: The intern will assist the site manager in his day-to-day work and will participate in the development of the ECML website.

Specialist and logistical program: the intern will assist the program assistant and program secretary in communicating with the coordinators to determine the practical details, and communicating with the workshop participants.

Documentation major: The intern will assist documentations in ECML and must be a specialist in the field of library science, documentation or information.

Finance and General Administration major: The intern will assist in the development of the database associated with the current postal database and in the implementation of Windream (Document Management Program), in particular the development of a training manual and other matters.

To get more details about the 4 different types of traineeships click HERE

About Graz

Graz, or the small castle as the Romans called it in the old days, is a beautiful city located on the banks of the Moor River in southeastern Austria. It is the second largest city in Austria after the capital Vienna, two and a half hours from the south of Vienna. Also is considered an educational city, with universities and more than 40,000 students. The most famous sights in Graz are Eggenberg Palace, Mur Island, Castle Hill, The Styrian Armoury and University of Graz.

Every day offers a wide range of events, from interesting talks and readings to life music, opera and theatre performances. Graz is connected - to all lines. Although the best way to discover the city is on foot or by bike, the well developed public transport network offers a great deal of flexibility.

Finance and Benefits

Each Trainee receives a subsistence allowance of approximately €720 per month, which is transferred by the Council of Europe at the end of each month.

- There is a deduction of approximately € 20 is made each month from the trainees allowance to cover the costs of insurance during the stay.

- Travel costs from the trainee's home country to and from Graz, Austria doesn't covered by ECML.

- ECML doesn't provide accommodation for trainees but it does have an agreement with a student residence in Graz where the majority of the trainees stay.

A room at the student residence is currently 285€/month which leaves you with 435€ for transport, food and German classes if you wish to.

There is a kitchen at the ECML which you can bring your food and eat in it.

- You are entitled to 12 days leave during the 6 month period, excluding public holidays.

Who can Apply?

- You should hold at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent

Trainees should be from or live in one of the ECML member states

- Have a good command of at least one of the Council of Europe’s working languages (English or French) through knowledge of both is advantageous and might make the difference in order to get selected.

Trainees must be flexible, well organised and capable of working in an international team.

It is not essential for you to speak German, however as the centre is located in a German speaking country, The centre will guide you in finding a suitable language course if you want to start learning German.

- Able to work a total of 38 hours 45 minutes per week.


28 February for the period July to December

31 August for the period January to June of the following year

How to Apply?

In order to apply for the traineeship, you should use the application form and Apply from HERE

Attention: After download ECML application form in WORD format and filling it convert it to PDF

For more details about the traineeship check the official link from HERE

Apply Now

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