Volunteer with " Alternativi International " organization in Bulgaria for 6 weeks

Alternativi International will organize " Diversity fest " project in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria for 6 weeks. The project will receive 30 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 from different countries, cultures and religions. All costs will be covered by host organization.

Volunteer with " Alternativi International " organization in Bulgaria for 6 weeks


With the high level of hate speech, especially among young people, cyberbullying, low levels of media culture and the emergence of extreme right-wing parties and formations, and the corresponding high risks of social exclusion of some groups of society and the spread of extremism and racism, the Diversity Fest project aims to:

Helping young people to better understand hate speech, and the consequences it has on society, and to distinguish between it and freedom of expression.

 - Increased awareness of hate speech and cyberbullying as serious issues, with more serious consequences and hate crimes as a violation of human rights.

 - Presenting ways and channels for  reporting hate speech online and introducing the Council of Europe's No hate speech movement to  young people. 

- Promote media literacy and safe and tolerant use of the Internet and knowledge of the basic legal  frameworks among young people for combating cyber-defeat. 

- Informing young people on how to fight hate speech by using graffiti as a way to express youth and their effective stance against hate speech.

Finance and Benefits

The volunteers will be accommodated for free in fully furnished apartment in double or triple room with another person from the same gender.

- The host organization will try to provide free wi-fi connection for the  whole duration. 

- The volunteers will be receiving 180 euros for the whole duration of the service as pocket money.

- The volunteers will be receiving 180 euros for the whole duration of the service as food money.

- Each volunteer will be provided with free insurance for the whole duration of the service. 

- Participants’ travel costs from their home city to Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria will be reimbursed.


Maximum reimbursement per  person in euro 


275 euro


275 euro 


275 euro


275 euro 


275 euro 


180 euro

PCR tests will be covered by the receiving organization based on real spended amount.  Please know that host organization would like to keep the travel costs as low as possible so they can pay fully the PCR tests of the participants with the allowed funding. The required documents for the  reimbursement will be:  

- Invoice on the name of the participant with cash or card payment, including the payment slip.

- Certificate for negative PCR test with stamp and signature of the laboratory.


- All participants must be at age 18 -30 years old 

- Be a resident in one of these countries ( Georgia - Armenia - Ukraine - Turkey - Spain - Italy )

- Open minded , willing to volunteer and motivated to be part of our team.

- Not to be part of EVS or ESC before.


A total of 6 weeks from 1/7/2021 to 14/8/2021

How to apply?

Just send your CV and motivation letter to evs@alternativibg.org  

Subject of your EMAIL : [ESC- travel plan approval- YOUR COUNTRY, NAME] 



For further information check the official link of the opportunity from here

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