ESC Volunteering opportunity in Rural community in Sweden ( fully funded)

If you are a person who is passionate about living in a rural community where the wonderful nature and simple life, away from the noise of the city, we advise you to apply for this opportunity with " Hastekasen Farm (HFA) " in Sweden. This opportunity is part of the European Solidarity Corps volunteer projects. the host organisation will cover all costs.

ESC Volunteering opportunity in Rural community in Sweden ( fully funded)

About "Hastekasen Farm"

A small scale farm which bunch of people ( many during summer and few during winter) visit and live for part time in it. Hastekasen staff  are aiming for a self sustainable traditional homestead. In the future they hope that more of the inhabitants of this small valley will be able to work on location and make their living here, off the land and it´s resources.They are situated 1.5 hours north of Gothenburg, close to a fjord that leads to the north sea.


there are various projects organised by them some of them are short term and other are long term volunteering. Depending on how long you stay you will learn self sustainability and be part of a future ruralisation. You may learn to grow food without machines, you will learn to build your own house, cheap and ecological.

The main activities for volunteers are:  Natural building, scouting, nature, sport, gardening, hosting, organising, handicraft, theatre, repair/maintenance, simple living, sharing household etc. You may be offered to stay longer after ESC if you like it here and are “useful”, you will welcome back if it is a “fit”.

Finance and Living style

- Your travel costs will be covered up to a limit.

- You will receive 150 euro pocket money (monthly).

- Accommodation and foods will be provided by host organisation.

You will be living in a community with shared household.

- Food is often vegetarian and no smoking.

- Limited showers and laundry. 

- Limited WiFi and internet use.

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Available activities

- Team ESC from 10/5/2022 to 10/6/2022

Topic: Gardening, building , hosting

- Team ESC from 20/6/2022 to 20/7/2022

Topic:  Larp, nature/scouting, sport

- Team ESC from 20/6/2022 to 20/7/2022

Topic:  Larp, organising, hosting, gardening

-Team ESC from 1/9/2022 to 30/9/2022

Topic: Building, Harvesting, Nature

- Short Volunteering for 2 months between ( March- Oct. 2022)

- Long Volunteering ( 6-9 months) starts 1/3/2022

Topic: Leadership


- Aged between 18 - 30 years.

- Be able to communicate in English.

Be interest in doing the work described.

- Prior experience of practical handy-man work.

- Be able to live simple with less comfort.

- Have a passion for being in the forest and on the sea.

- Be resident in a country which is a partner in European Solidarity Corps.

How to apply?

To apply please fill in Application form from here

For more details visit the official link of this opportunity from here

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