Global Youth Convention 2024 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa (Fully Funded)

An amazing opportunity for all the active youth, entrepreneur, dedicated activist, ambitious students, or committed professional from all over the world to join Global Youth Convention 2024 in South Africa. This conference will be hosted and organised by Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance.

About GYC 2024

The Global Youth Convention is a movement, not only a conference. Students, volunteers, professionals, and SDG activists from all over the world come together for this annually event. The main goal is to give young people everywhere a forum to discuss ideas, pool their experiences, and work together to create ground-breaking solutions to pressing global issues.

Participants in the Global Youth Convention 2024 will engage in dynamic seminars and captivating workshops that provide a holistic learning experience. They will gain a thorough understanding of the SDGs set forth by the UN and investigate creative ways to tackle global issues. By providing people with the information and resources they need to engage fully in civic life, GYC will encourage the growth of meaningful projects in their local communities. The main focus will be on leadership development, where participants will hone their abilities, acquire knowledge about successful leadership philosophies, and discover how to encourage and inspire others to work toward common objectives. Furthermore, GYC will offer a singular chance to explore the intricacies of global policymaking, enabling participants to influence the formulation of policies that advance sustainable development. The purpose of the convention is to foster intercultural.

GYC Objectives

The Global Youth Convention 2024 aims to create a dynamic platform for global collaboration among young individuals from diverse backgrounds. The primary objectives include fostering a commitment to addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting active civic engagement, enhancing policymaking skills, inspiring leadership development, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, cultivating cross-cultural understanding, advancing social impact initiatives, providing extensive networking opportunities, and ultimately empowering youth to play an active and influential role in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for the global community.


- All the countries are eligible to apply for GYC 2024 conference 

- You are an aspiring entrepreneur, dedicated activist, ambitious student, or committed professional.

- Ready to make a significant positive impact

- You must be over 18 years

- You must able to communicate efficiently in English, but no English language certificate required to join

Financial conditions 

Global Youth Convention 2024 offers 2 different categories for applicants:

- Fully Funded which includes

  •  Conference Invitation Letter
  •  Round-trip Airfare Included
  •  4-star shared accommodation
  •  GYC Personalised Merchandise
  •  Youth Statements & Interventions
  •  Become Part of an Exceptional Community of Impact Creators
Note: Results for the Fully Funded Delegate will be out on February 05, 2024. 

- Self Funded with costs (599 $) which includes 

  •  Conference Invitation Letter
  •  Round-trip Airfare Included
  •  4-star shared accommodation
  •  GYC Personalised Merchandise
  •  Youth Statements & Interventions
  •  Become Part of an Exceptional Community of Impact Creators

Note: For Self-Funded Delegate. There're a limited seats available under this category, and it is on a first-come-first-service basis 

Selection results

Selection for the Fully Funded Delegates purely depends on the quality of the application a participant would submit. In the application form, we have asked several questions and provided the opportunity to submit as much information as you can. The more information you provide us, the better your chances for the selection. However, self-funded applicants will get their confirmation on the spot


Application deadline: 25 December 2023 for fully funded spots and ASAP for self funded spots

Selection result: 5 February 2024 for fully funded spots and ASAP for self funded spots because it is on a first-come-first-service basis 

Starting day: 9 March 2024

Ending day: 12 March 2024

How to apply

Registrations will only be taking place on HISA website. You just have to fill in your contact information, answer some questions carefully in the scholarship section, agree to the terms & conditions and pay the application fee.

- Apply for Fully Funded spots from HERE

- Apply for Self Funded spots from HERE

Note: The registration fee applies to be considered as a Fully Funded Delegate is $16.99 only, which is non-refundable and non-transferable in case you get acceptance or not.

More Details

For more details about GYC 2024, you can check the opportunity website 

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