Open call for youth to join “Rejuvenating politics” initiative in France (Fully Funded)

Open call for 46 participants to take part in the 2024 edition of the Congress "Rejuvenating politics" initiative. As part of its “Rejuvenating politics” initiative the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe will invite one young person per member State to come to Strasbourg, France to take an active part, as a youth delegate.

Open call for youth to join “Rejuvenating politics” initiative in France (Fully Funded)

About Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe is a pan-European political assembly, the 612 members of which hold elective office (they may be regional or municipal councillors, mayors or presidents of regional authorities) representing over 200,000 authorities in 46 European states.

Its duties include strengthening the self-government of authorities, advancing local and regional democracy, and enhancing local and regional governance. It gives special consideration to the implementation of the values outlined in the European Charter on Local Self-Government. It promotes cooperation between cities and regions as well as the processes of regionalisation and devolution.

About "Rejuvenating Politics" initiative

The "Rejuvenating Politics" initiative was launched by the Congress in 2014 as part of its commitment to promoting the participation of young people in public life and in the decision-making process at local and regional level.

A part of this initiative is the "Youth Delegates". It provides young people from the 46 member states of the Council of Europe with a unique opportunity to sit alongside local and regional elected members in a European assembly, without the ability to vote. They may have an influence by promoting discussion from a youth viewpoint, join a broad community of young activists, make their views known, and develop a network.

Selected applicants will have a unique opportunity to:

1. take an active part in the whole of the two sessions in 2024: 

- From Saturday 23 March (19.00) until the debriefing session on Thursday 28 March (17.00) 

- From Saturday 12 October (19.00) until the debriefing session on Thursday 17 October (17.00) 

A welcome evening will be organised prior to each session on 23 March and 12 October 2024.

2. develop and implement projects between the sessions 

- Between March and October, youth delegates will remain involved in the work of the Congress. They will be required to develop a local or regional project which may be related to the Congress’s priorities or to the session themes for 2024. For this, they will have the support of trainers in the form of mentoring sessions to develop and assess their ideas. 

Program objectives

The specific objectives are to:
- involve young people directly in all aspects of the Congress’s work;

- make young people aware of the Congress’s work and the tools it has developed to support youth participation;

- discuss with young people how local and regional youth participation can be boosted;

- bring a youth perspective to all thematic debates within the Congress;

- motivate the youth delegates to multiply the information and experience acquired during the sessions on their return home, in particular through the development and implementation of their own projects at local and regional levels;

- share information about existing models of youth-led structures and motivate young people to spread the word about the Congress’s work;

- promote co-operation between members of the Congress and youth delegates; 
show national delegations the importance of officially including more young people as members

Youth Delegate role

Being a youth delegate is an exciting activity. For a year you will have the opportunity to participate  and experience from the inside the life of one of the main institutions of the Council of Europe - the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. 

It's IMPORTANT to know that you are a youth delegate of the Congress and the Congress alone, not  of  the  Council  of  Europe  or  any  other  part  of  the  Council  of  Europe.  This  means  that  your  role  is 

focused on the Congress. There are some key issues you should understand about this role and you can find these key issues from HERE

Eligibility | Who can apply

Application is open for young people from the Council of Europe Member states who:

hold the passport of, and live in one of the 46 council of Europe Member States

- aged between 18 - 30 years 

be open, committed, and motivated to develop and strengthen dialogue between young people and elected representatives at local/regional level

be active in youth work at local and regional levels

- be available to engage in the whole of the two sessions including the preparation of grass-roots projects

have an interest in actively participating in policy making at local and or regional levels but not be an elected representative

have good writing and public speaking skills

be committed to working in an intercultural team

not have participated in the initiative previously

speak English fluently

Financial conditions and Benefits

Selected youth delegates’ travel and subsistence expenses will be covered jointly by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities according to the Council of Europe's rules.

Accommodation will be provided and paid for by the organisers, in single-occupancy or shared rooms according to availability.


Application deadline: 7 January 2024, 23:59 CET

Selection result: All candidates will be informed of the results of the selection procedure by 9 February 2024 at the latest.

First session: 26-28 March 2024

Second session: 15-17 October 2024

How to apply?

To apply you need to fill in the online application before the deadline 

Note: Applicants must also submit a short video via online link of no more than 30 seconds, to support their application. The link to the video (title should contain only the applicant’s name and country) should be sent together with the application. Please note that candidates should not present themselves on the video but should answer the question that has been put. This is an integral part of the application.

Selection Process

The youth delegates will be selected by a selection panel which includes the Congress Spokesperson on Youth, the youth trainers and two members of the Council of Europe’s Advisory Council on Youth. The panel will ensure that the selected applicants represent a balanced group with regard to gender, cultural background and experience.

More Details

for more details check the opportunity website from HERE

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