Fully funded Master and PhD Scholarships in Germany from ( KAS ) Foundation

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Foundation awards scholarships to international masters and postgraduate students to enable them to study and conduct research at universities in Germany. Through This, the Foundation actively promotes intercultural dialogues, the formation of international networks as well as the internationalization of universities and the sciences.

Fully funded Master and PhD Scholarships in Germany from ( KAS ) Foundation

About KAS Foundation

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is a political foundation inspired by Christian democratic values committed to fostering democracy and the rule of law to implementing social and market-economic structures and to promoting human rights in Europe and worldwide. 

The foundation provides scholarships to international masters students and graduates to enable them to study and research in universities in Germany for free. In doing so, they promote intercultural dialogue, the formation of international networks, as well as the internationalization of universities and sciences.

Finance and Benefits

- The scholarship is funded for two years for a Masters degree and three years for a PhD.

- Master's students receive 850 euros per month.

- Doctoral students receive 1,200 euros per month.

- KAS subsidize health care insurance up to the amount of € 120 per month.

- KAS also offer a family allowance of € 276 provided that you and your wife live together in one place in Germany for at least three months and that his / her income does not exceed the amount of € 450 per month.

- Additionally, they grant children's allowance of € 194 per month for children living with you in Germany.

- Students also gain access to a global network of more than 14,000 alumni, attend scientific seminars and receive personal mentoring.


The applicant must have a university degree.

- Demonstrate an advanced level of academic performance.

- The age of the applicant should not exceed 30 years when applying.

- Good knowledge of the German language (B2 level).

- Participate in any activity related to volunteer work.

- Possess a clear plan to study at least three semesters at a university in Germany.

- Possessing a distinguished academic education and a good interest in political issues.

- Have a positive attitude towards democracy and human rights.

- Being open and tolerant and developing their point of view.

- Be highly motivated and able to convince the jury of the importance of his goals in life.

- Medical or pharmacy students can only apply after completing their intermediate examination in Germany or upon achieving a similar stage of their studies.

- Specialized training in human medicine, dentistry or postgraduate studies cannot be supported in Germany.

- People who have already obtained a PhD are not eligible for a scholarship.

Required Documents

For Master Students

- Application form

 - A CV that includes details of previous volunteer work or any other social commitment.

- Motivation letter.

- Copies of academic certificates translated into German if the originals are not in English.

- Copies of your academic records if you are studying at a university in Germany.

- Evidence of German language proficiency, minimum level B2.

- Academic Recommendation Letter: It must talk about your academic and scientific capabilities and qualifications, it must be written by a university professor or a PhD holder, the writing period of the letter should not exceed two months.

- Personal letter of recommendation: The letter here should focus on your personality and interests as well as your personal values ​​and social commitment. The author of this speech cannot be the same as the writer of the aforementioned academic discourse.

- Certificate of acceptance or registration from your university in Germany.

- Photograph.

For PhD Students

- Application form

A detailed description of your doctoral thesis: The description should be written in German or English, consisting of (4 to 5 pages) explaining your research proposal, its scientific significance, the scientific and theoretical approach you used, as well as the motives behind your choice of research topic. It should also include the time spent writing the proposal and the references you used.

Academic Recommendation Letter: This letter must be written by the supervisor of the PhD thesis, provided you already have a PhD thesis ready to apply. It replaces the letter of recommendation regarding the personality of the applicant.

A confirmation of supervision by your doctor / father or mother.

Which countries can students apply from?

This Scholarship for International Students especially, students from countries undergoing a process of political transformation as well as from developing and emerging countries. Nevertheless, students from other countries may apply too while students coming from EU countries should apply to domestic Scholarship Program (“Studienförderung” and “Promotionförderung”)

How to apply?

Available two ways to apply for this scholarship.

First one Each year new focus countries or regions are determined for KAS selection procedures. In 2021 they will focus on Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Latin America (coordinated through our office in Peru) and interviews will be conducted online. If you are living in one of these countries, you may send your written application directly to the responsible KAS office. Students who living in countries that are not listed can't apply for the international selection procedure in 2021.

In case you are living or studying in Germany, you can apply for a scholarship via the domestic selection program using online procedure. Fill out the application form online and upload required application documents. 

Second one If you are applying to domestical selection procedure  and not via international offices - please apply on the Campus KAS Portal and upload the requested documents there.


The application ends on 15th of July from each year for the domestic procedure.

For further information check the official link from here

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