Great opportunity to participate in Hurford Youth Fellowship in USA (fully funded)

 A great opportunity to participate in the Hurford Youth Fellowship program organized by the Global Movement for Democracy for a period of 3 months in Washington, USA. This opportunity will help you build your leadership skills and meet other young leaders from around the world.

Great opportunity to participate in Hurford Youth Fellowship in USA 2022


The Hurford Youth Fellowship program seeks to build leadership skills and harness the potential of young democracy activists from around the world. Young activists will spend three months in the secretariat of the global movement for democracy during which they expand their global ties, exchange experiences with other activists from democratic movements around the world, and contribute to the development of the global movement for democracy.

The Young Horford Fellows will participate in strategic meetings, research, organize and lead presentations, online discussions, and information-sharing sessions on key democracy issues.

Finance and Benefits

Each participant will receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses.

The program will provide for round trip travel costs to and from Washington.

Each participant will get basic health insurance.

Participating Fellows will be provided with a fully equipped office, including Internet and email access, and a limited budget for the relevant long-term fellowship and remote phone calls.

Applicants should keep in mind that the cost of living (housing, furniture, food, and other basic living expenses) in the Washington DC area is very high and that fellowship stipends do not include covering the financial needs of the family for those who want to accompany their family.


- Applicants interested in the Hurford Youth Fellowship program must be not older than 30 years.

Applicants must demonstrate a strong interest in democratic activism and the advancement of democracy in their country.

Working knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite for participating in the program.

- Youth affiliated with civil society organizations are especially encouraged to apply.

- This program is open to applicants from any country.


The fellowship will last for 3 months, from 1/3/2022 to 31/5/2022

How to apply?

You must create a new account on the application portal and attach all the required documents in English. (In the event that you applied for the previous year and did not obtain acceptance, a new account must be created with a new email to apply)

The application form consists of 4 sections: -

(1) Personal data section

(2) Project proposal section (it is the most important part of your scholarship application)

It should be clear, concise, and understandable to people outside of your field or focus. Your proposal must align with one of the following three democratic themes:

1- Defending democratic space

Freedoms are increasingly restricted for people who wish to express their concerns and address those concerns through the involvement of stakeholders. In both physical and digital spaces they face restrictions on where they can meet, how they can interact, and what they can say or do.

It is true that this is mostly in authoritarian regimes, but also in new and established democracies where the minority views are marginalized. As a result, citizens have less influence in the political processes that affect them.

2- Promoting inclusive governance

The global movement aims to promote inclusive democratic governance with an emphasis on empowering emerging leaders committed to democratic principles. As part of this effort, the global movement facilitates engagement between emerging leaders from civil society and political parties and helps them explore constructive ways to enhance their political participation and build effective partnerships between civil society, government, the private sector, and the sustainability of democratic movements that affect policy-making and institutional reforms.

3- Strengthening democratic leadership

The next generation of democratic leadership plays a critical role in preserving and advancing democracy. The global movement believes in the importance of intergenerational dialogue and facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences between veteran and emerging leaders.

Your proposal, in no more than 1,200 words, should describe the steps you will take to organize and complete your fellowship projects (online discussions, research, and strategic meetings).

(3) Curriculum vitae section

(4) Section of the two letters of recommendation

Please, format your documents as MS Word (doc.) or Adobe PDF (pdf.).


Application deadline is 3/7/2021

Visit the details page to know more about this program before applying from here

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