"Play the Notes of Future Competencies" Youth Exchange in Hungary (fully funded)

If you are excited to participate in a youth project about music and Environmental sustainability in Hungary. We invite you to apply for "Play the Notes of Future Competencies" Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project that will help you develop your personal skills that will help you in your future career. This Project will be organised by Békéscsaba Youth association in békéscsaba, Hungary for 9 days.

About Békéscsaba Youth Association

It is an NGO that was founded by a group of university students. Their goal was to ensure good-quality and free programs that are delivered to the local youth of Békéscsaba. The association grew quickly, so now besides the 20 official members, we have 40+ active volunteers and even more motivated young people in close connection to the association. We hold trainings, webinars and non-formal educational activities for young people to develop their skills, share best practices and give concrete knowledge.

About the Project

“Play the Notes of Future Competencies” is a project about music and Environmental sustainability. Through different experiential and non-formal activities, participants will explore these topics and meanwhile improve their key competences that will help them in their future careers. Through games and discussions, they will be able to learn about each other’s culture and get a cross-cultural point of view on the topic of music, sustainability and the labour market.

Participants are going to experience non-formal education. They are going to participate in activities, workshops, reflections, and evaluations and are also going to implement sessions by themselves. Participants will have the chance to improve in many different ways during the project by living in an intercultural Environment. 

Finance and Benefits

The travel, accommodation, food and the program itself are co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme as Follows:

- All travel costs will be covered by the organisers as follows:

 For Ukraine, Estonia, and Greece = 275 euro

For Romania, Czech Republic, and Croatia = 180 euro

For Hungary = 20 euro

The accommodation is simple and cosy in a group accommodation  in Békés, a small town that is located 200 km from Budapest.

you will be sharing rooms in smaller groups of  2-3 people.

You will get 3 meals daily, smaller coffee breaks will be available during the day.

- You will be asked to pay 20 euro as a participation fee upon arrival.


- This project available for 37 participants from these countries ( Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine )

- There will be 5 participants per country and 7 from Hungary

- Your age between 18 and 25 years, group leaders can be older than 25 

You like music and you want to develop new skills and improve those that you already have

You are keen on working in an international setting, being part of an intercultural exchange


Deadline: Application deadline is 18 February 2022.

Arrival day: 9 April 2022

Departure day: 17 April 2022

How to Apply?

First: we invite you contact with the partner organisation in your country as follows:

Hungary: EBI - Egyesület Békéscsaba Ifjúságáért

Email: ebi.exchange@gmail.com


Email: projects@beinternational.cz


Email: iyp.croatia@gmail.com


Email: tairi@nyh.ee

Greece: Neomenioi (GR)

Email: neomenioi@gmail.com

Romania: Asociatia de Istorie Balcanica

Email: cris.ionita.tina@gmail.com

Ukraine: The Oriental Studies Circle

Email: ngo.tosc@gmail.com

Secondly: Fill in the application form here

Apply Now

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