Volunteer with Youth Centre Villa Elba in Kokkola, Finland for one month (Fully funded)

If you believe in the importance of friendship in our lives and have a desire to help children and young people choose a good friend, then this volunteer program is very suitable for you as it does not require any previous experience from you. Any person can participate in this voluntary project. This project is organized by  Youth Centre Villa Elba and funded by the European Solidarity Corps in Kokkola, Finland.

Volunteer with Youth Centre Villa Elba in Kokkola, Finland for one month (Fully funded)

About Youth Centre Villa Elba

Youth Centre Villa Elba is located by the sea about 4 km from Kokkola city centre. It is one of the nine National Youth Centres in Finland that offer interesting programs for companies, meetings and parties, good food, as well as accommodation. They specialize in providing a safe operating environment for young people to experience, learn, and have adventures that encourage personal growth. Villa Elba focuses on working with  International youth through European Solidarity Corps projects and international youth exchanges and provides guidance and information about international opportunities. Villa Elba is a venue for meetings, celebrations, camps and events and provides accommodation and catering services. It has a beautiful location near the sea and next to nature paths.

About Kokkola

Kokkola is a city and municipality in Finland with a population of about 48,000. The majority of the population in the municipality speaks Finnish with 84.2% and 13.9% speaking Swedish. Kokkola is the capital of the Central Ostrobothnia region, it is located on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea. The landscape of the area around Kokkola is flat with many streams flowing through the land. The largest river in the region is the Pirhunjoki, which flows into the Gulf of Bothnia, north of Kokkola.

About the Project

Volunteers will work in Kokkola and nearby villages in schools and kindergartens with the theme of Friendship. Young volunteers will organize workshops on friendship and interaction skills. Volunteers will work with people from different ages and talk to them about how to choose a good friend. And what is the importance of choosing a good friend in your life. Villa Elba Youth centre does not require specific skills or previous experience in this field to participate, only volunteer interest and enthusiasm for the duration of the project is sufficient. Volunteers will work for approx. 35 hours per week. Sometimes work can appear in evenings or weekends.

Finance and Benefits

- Travel Expenses is paid depending on the distance from your home country to Finland.

- Volunteers will live together in a beautiful location of Villa Elba.

- Accommodation will be in comfortable cottages for eight persons.

All meals are served during on-arrival training.

After that volunteers will get daily lunch on a working basis from Monday to Friday.

- Volunteers will get food money for groceries to cook other meals together.

Volunteers will receive pocket money 5 euro per day.

- Volunteers will get Finnish lessons in order to learn basic words and sentences.

- learn about ESC and take a closer look at the aim of the project as well as learn about volunteer's rights and responsibilities.


A total of 4 weeks from during the period 6 March 2022 and 31 March 2022.


- Young people aged 18-30 years old.

Be a legal resident of one of these countries :-

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Spain, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Sweden

- Youngsters with fewer opportunities : can for example be unemployed, face educational, economic or social challenges or have low language skills.

There is no need of previous experiences, just the interest to try volunteering and learn more is enough.

Volunteers should be interested in working with people of different ages.

How to apply?

Send your CV and motivation letter to kati.paasila@villaelba.fi with Email subject " Project Friendship" 

Only accepted candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. If you do not receive a response within 10 days, this means that you will not be selected.


Application Deadline is 11 February, 2022.

For more info. check the official page of the opportunity from here or the official website of Youth Centre Villa Elba from here

Official Website

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