Training Course " PERMACULTURE - How to walk lighter on the Earth " in France

A great 7-day course in France near Lanvallay for people who want to see the world as a entire. It is about developing the competences in the areas of permaculture: healing for nature and Earth, housing, tools and technology, teaching and cultures, health and well-being, finances and economy, governance!

Training Course " PERMACULTURE - How to walk lighter on the Earth " in France

Project Description

Permaculture a philosophy, an art, and a practice for designing and maintaining human systems compatible with an ethic of care in 3 points:

− taking care of the dynamics of life,

− taking care of humans,

− sharing surpluses, the functional principles being essential to the common sense for located adapted situations.

We will explore low tech tools in our quotidian life, we will explore nature friendly housing like building a natural house with our hands and for very low budget, we will explore all what is linked with food with organic and local food, as well as how to grow food in permaculture behaviour, and finally but first maybe is to take care of us (emotionally, physically, spiritually).

Aims of the Course

− working in workshops in working on oneself: what is my design? How do I deal with my emotions? + meditation, sweating hut, massage, balanced male female energy, visualisation.

− working on how to take care of the Earth with permaculture gardening and more as wild plants, organic food and more.

− working on developing low tech tools: how to save energy of the Earth.

− dealing with teaching and culture: how to ecologically learn from others: outdoors activities, learning from local region etc.

− dealing with ecological building.

− finances and economy, governance is about how all these will suit together everybody.


- You should to be professional youth worker and be active in Youth field ( Youth workers, Trainers, educators, NGO leaders and mentors.

- You are a resident in one of these countries ( Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia )

- Be motivated participant and MUST be willing to dive head-in and participate FULLY in the training

- All participants must be 18 years old or over.

- All participants must be able to communicate and work in English

- All participants are responsible for their own health and travel insurance.

Finance and Benefits

- Participation fee is 100 euro per each participant.

- Travel expenses will be refund within these budget allowances.

France = 180 euros

Ireland = 275 euros

Spain = 320 euros as for green travel

Italy = 320 euros as for green travel

Romania = 360 euros

Greece = 360 euros

Estonia = 360 euros

Ukraine = 360 euros

Georgia = 530 euros

Armenia = 530 euros

- It may be possible to pay you cash at the end of training provided you have all receipts minus the 100 euro participation fee.

Training will take place in a rural location there is no shop, amenities within walking distance of venue.

you will be lodged in very nice tents (camping style).

There won’t have so many inside showers, but we can install outside showers.

Organic and veggie food will be cooked for all, but you are expected to help with mealtimes and in the clean up after every meal. 

You will be provided with ecological soap and shampoo as all the system here is ecological, no chemical can go in the water.

There is WiFi internet near the house.

It is allowed by French NA to travel 2 days before or stay 2 days after the TC for sightseeing and still be eligible for travel refund. Not more.


Deadline: The deadline for applications submission is 4th of June 2022 .

Results: The selections results will be published within 3 days after the deadline.

Arrival day: 1st of July 2022

Departure day: 9th of July 2022

How to Apply?

If you want to participate in this training course, you must fill in the application form HERE

For more details about the project check the info-pack from HERE

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