Training Course"Natural Compassion" in Samothraki Island, Greece (Fully Funded)

If you are interested about the individual development, we invite you to apply for this Erasmus+ training course" Natural Compassion" in Samothraki Island, Greece for one week. this project is hosted by love community organisation and financed by Erasmus+ programme of European Union.

Training Course"Natural Compassion" in Samothraki Island, Greece (Fully Funded)

About the project

"Natural Compassion" is a training course targeting personal development practitioners (trainers, youth workers, social workers, mentors, school teachers and councillors). The main intention of the project is to equip the participants with successful tools and methods to support their individual development and that of young people.

Project objectives

● To practice nature-based methods to stimulate the self-improvement of the participants, thus facilitating personal and professional development.

● To introduce holistic ensoulment and embodiment practices for self-discovery and self-cultivation, integration, and reflection.

● To develop a personal deep nature connection and cultivate environmental stewardship and ecological consciousness.

● To inspire the improvement of personal positive attitudes.

● To empower youth workers to adopt and create their own practices based on personal strengths, talents, and preferences in the field of personal development.

● To create opportunities for international cooperation and partnership building

Project Elements

- Working with values

Nature based methods

Experiential learning

Methods for self-development

Workshops development and delivery

Group and solo time in nature

The Way of Council

Holistic Practices and self healing

Living as a community (cleaning, cooking etc.)

Finance and Benefits

- There is no participation fee for this training course

- Accommodation in shared tents in a camping site will be provided

Food during the training rich and healthy VEGAN and VEGETARIAN food will be served.

- The travel costs will be reimbursed to the participants after the course, according to travel distance and the use of green travel.

max. 275 euros- Jordan, Georgia, Poland, France, Croatia, Slovakia,

max. 360 euros- Spain

max. 320 euros- (green travel) Romania, Slovenia

max. 210 euros- (green travel) Bulgaria, Greece

All participants are required to have valid health insurance for Greece. (EHIC or private standard insurance).


You are a resident in one of the following countries (Greece, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Jordan, France, Georgia, Spain, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia.)

The participants should have one of the following roles: youth and social workers, youth leaders, educational and career counsellors, teachers, general educators, trainers, mentors, coaches, educational nature guides, people who care for people.

Have a strong and relevant motivation for joining the process. The motivation should be a blend of personal and professional factors. 

- You are over 21 years old.

- Have a communicative level in english language.

you commit to follow the strict SOBRIETY POLICY (to refrain from using any consciousness altering substance - alcohol, cannabis, any drug etc. - for the whole duration of the course )

You are available to participate in the whole program.

- Ready for comfortable living for 10 days with simple conditions, in a camping site, sharing tents, taking care of their common space and time.


Application deadline: 15/04/2023

Selection date: 30/04/2023

Arrival date: 30/06/2023

Departure date: 09/07/2023

The course consists of 8 full training days, 1 day for arrival and 1 day for departure.

How to apply?

If you want to participate in this training course, please fill out this questionnaire until Saturday 15th of April 2023

More details?

for more details check the official website of the opportunity or the info-pack

Apply Now

Official website

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