International Youth Conference in Barcelona, Spain (Fully Funded)

Open call for 23 young people from Europe to attend the International Youth Think Tank conference - Fifth Anniversary Conference Call 2023 in Barcelona, Spain from 20-23 November. the conference is hosted by European Capital of Democracy. 

International Youth Conference in Barcelona, Spain (Fully Funded)

About the European Capital of Democracy

he European Capital of Democracy Initiative has built a strong network of Cities fostering participation. Together with citizens, politicians, and institutions we are improving our democracies. From the 13 frontrunners of democratic practice in the ECoD City Network, Barcelona has been selected as the European Capital of Democracy 2023/24.

About International Youth Conference 

The International Youth Think Tank invites young people from Europe to attend the International Youth Conference and discuss a democratic and open society with European decision-makers. Participants will be able to give a personal presentation and case for why they should be picked. The 5th anniversary International Youth Conference is hosted by the city of Barcelona, first European Capital of Democracy.

The conference's main objective is to stand for an open and democratic society, to empower individuals, and to oppose the negative ideals of nationalism, racism, and intolerance. When you and the other conference participants give your collaborative recommendations on how to preserve a democratic and open society at the end of the conference, your voice will be heard throughout the world.


- Aged between 18 - 24 years old.

- Young people who are living in Europe.

- Have a willing to change the world.

You look to the future and do not accept the status quo.

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Finance and Benefits

The organisers will pay for sustainable travel to and from Barcelona, accommodation, and meals during your stay.

Some expenses associated with travel, such as passport fees, local transport and transit, and meals during travel will be borne by participants themselves.


Application deadline: 14 August 2023

Beginning of the Conference: 20 November 

End of the Conference: 23 November

How to apply

- Fill in the online form HERE

- Describe yourself and why you want to attend the conference - You can submit a brief video, text, image, or audio clip.

For more details check the opportunity website from HERE

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