Erasmus+ Training Course "Leaders of Change" in Hungary (Fully Funded)

Are you interested about youth activities? Are you interested to be a youth leader? Are you interested about leadership? if yes, then this opportunity for you. Open call for 30 Participants to attend Erasmus+ Training Course " Leaders of Changer" in Hollókő, Hungary. The training is coordinated by INEX-SDA and hosted by: Egyesek Youth Association, co-funded by INEX-SDA´s accreditation from the European Union through the Erasmus + Programme.
Erasmus+ Training Course "Leaders of Change" in Hungary (Funded)

About the project

Leaders of Change is an 8 days training course to reflect the role of leadership and explore participants’ own attitudes, approach and inner motivation. The training is designed for those already leading either groups or volunteers, who want to improve their performance, based upon the principles of self-awareness, resourcefulness, and accountability. The main methodology used will be personal development and self-reflection, which means that we will be focusing mainly on your mindset/attitudes rather than providing you practical skills or models.

The is divided into 3 main parts:

Day 1 to 4: Self Reflection

During these days the participants will have the opportunity to get a better and deeper understanding of how and why they lead people and how this affects the results they obtain, and they can maintain what works and improve what doesn’t. The participants will have the opportunity to look into the relationship between beliefs, concepts, automatic behaviours, teamwork and decision making. They will do so through input, activities and reflection spaces. 

Day 4 to 7: Submersion Real life implementation

The best way to transform theory into knowledge is to practice in a real-life situation or context. Participants will have several assignments to complete in the local communities around the venue where they can put into practice the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired throughout the previous days of the training course.

Day 7 to 8 Final Steps

These last 2 days are there to wrap up the learning experience of the TC, in such a way that the insights can be taken home in a structured manner, to plan follow-up steps and close the training course together.

The Training Objectives

- Reflect on the role of leadership and explore your own attitudes, approach and inner motivation for your work with volunteering.

Realise how your mindset influences your behaviours, the results you get, and the relationships you have with other people in your working context.

Acquire models and tools to align yourself with your core values, while being more inclusive towards others and unexpected situations.

Put your experience into practice and multiply among your colleagues and target groups.


The Training Course will gather together 30 participants from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries who:

- Are planning to lead a project or a workcamp in 2023/24 and ideally have been to or are planning to go to regular skills-oriented project or work-camp leaders trainings.

- Have ideally participated in at least one work-camp as participants, previous experiences with leading a workcamp or other type of project are welcome, but not required.

Are at least 18 years old and can communicate in English.

Are willing to work on their personal and professional development.

Are able to participate fully in the programme from the beginning till the end.

The call is open for residents of EU member states. This is an open-call training, meaning a partner organization will be assigned to you upon your selection

Finance and Benefits

The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

- There is 60€ contribution fee from each participant. If you are very interested in attending but find this fee too high, contact the organiser.

INEX-SDA will arrange accommodation, meals (prepared to individual dietary requirements), and transport (to and from the venue)

Accommodation at 3-6 bed rooms with access to facilities. More detailed information on the venue and logistics will be included in the confirmation letter that will be sent to participants after we confirm their participation in a concrete training.

Travel expenses from your home country to project venue will be reimbursed after participation in the project according to the distance between your  travelling place to the volunteering venue as follows:

  • for travel distance between 10 and 99 km: 20 EUR / person.
  • for travel distance between 100 and 499 km: 180 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 500 and 1499 km: 275 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 1500 and 2999 km: 310 EUR / person
  • IMPORTANT: keep all your travel documents! Online boarding passes and tickets for reimbursements. No documents = no reimbursement!
- Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity.


Application deadline: 30 September 2023

Arrival day: 6 November 2023

Date of Selection: 10 October 2023

Activity days: 7-14 November 2023

Departure days: 15 November 2023

How to apply

In order to apply, you have to fill in the application form before 30 September 2023

More Details

for more details, check the official website or check the info-pack of the project.

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