EUSPA Traineeships 2024 | Paid Internship in Czech Republic and Spain (Funded)

An excellent opportunity for university students and graduates and young professionals who willing to join high quality paid traineeships at the The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) for 6 months. EUSPA offers Traineeships in different areas in Czech Republic and Spain.

EUSPA Traineeships 2024 in Czech Republic and Spain (Funded)


The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is  a space agency, managing the European Union Space Programme as one of the agencies of the European Union. EUSPA is founded in July, 2004 and its headquarter in Prague, Czech Republic. EUSPA provides safe and secure European satellite navigation services, advances the commercialisation of Galileo, EGNOS, and Copernicus data and services, engages in secure satellite communications (GOVSATCOM & IRIS2), and operates the EUSST Front Desk. The accreditation of the security of every component of the EU Space Programme falls under the responsibility of EUSPA. EUSPA supports the European Green Deal and digital transformation, improves Union safety and security, and fortifies autonomy and resilience by encouraging innovation in the space sector and beyond and working with the EU Space community.

About EUSPA Traineeships

The EUSPA is now launching a call for application for its traineeships programme. Traineeships are intended for university graduates, but also under certain circumstances for students who in the course of their studies would like to acquire practical experience or those who - in the framework of lifelong learning or further professional education - have recently obtained a university diploma and are at the beginning of a new professional career. Currently, there are two types of traineeships:

- Short-term unpaid traineeship: to complete and validate mandatory academic requirements (maximum duration three months). 

- Regular paid traineeship: EUSPA regularly publishes calls for traineeships for various departments (see the list of open positions below). the regular period for the paid traineeship is 6 months and can be extended for 12 Months.

The contract for a regular traineeship shall be concluded for six months, which may be extended for up to an additional six months. The maximum duration of the contract is therefore twelve months. The regular traineeship shall be conducted on a full-time basis.

Available traineeships in EUSPA

The traineeships are available in different departments as follows:

Market Downstream and Innovation Department Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic

Information and Communication Technology Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic or San Martin de la Vega, Spain

Legal and Procurement Department Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic

Human Resources Department Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic

Traineeship in Communications in Prague, Czech Republic

Office of the Executive Director Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic

Project Management Office and Quality Department Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic

Security Authority Department Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic 

Finance Department & Accounting Traineeship in Prague, Czech Republic 

Space Surveillance and Tracking Traineeship in San Martin de la Vega, Spain

Space Policy and Sustainability Traineeship in San Martin de la Vega, Spain

Eligibility Criteria

Traineeships are open to applicants who have not previously undertaken a traineeship in the Agency and who meet the following requirements:

- be a national of the Member States of the European Union, Iceland or Norway;

- No age limit is imposed on the candidates for traineeships.

- have a recognised higher education degree or in the case of candidates who are at the end of their studies, an official attestation from their school or university stating the marks obtained;

- have interest or knowledge about one or more areas of work of the Agency;

have a thorough knowledge of one official language of the European Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the European Union; one of these languages must be the working language of the Agency (English).

Note: If an application is unsuccessful, a candidate may re-apply for another traineeship. It is however necessary to submit a new application.

Required documents

Before the commencement of the traineeship, the candidate will be required to provide the following documents:

- passport or ID;

- diplomas or equivalent certificate/ reference letters;

- an excerpt from police records or equivalent certificate;

- documents showing that the trainee has public or private health insurance cover for accident insurance and sickness insurance against health risks for the entire duration of the traineeship period;

- a medical certificate confirming that the trainee is fit for work and free of any contagious diseases;

- declaration of confidentiality and absence of conflict of interests.

Financial conditions & Benefits

- Trainees in regular traineeships are entitled for travel reimbursement of the real cost of travel up to 1200 EUR, subject to budget availability;

Trainees in regular traineeships are entitled for monthly grant 1,400 EUR on full-time basis;

- If an applicant with a recognised disability is selected, he/she shall receive a 50% supplement of the amount of the grant to cover additional costs.


Application deadline: 31 May 2024 (11:59 AM (GMT+2))

Selection result: No specific time, the earlier you submit the sooner your application can be considered.

Starting date: Trainees may only start on the 1st of the month. In exceptional cases, trainees can start on the 16th of the month, depending on the decision of the Head of HRM department. 

How to apply

for short-term unpaid Traineeship

To apply please send the following documents in English to

- CV in Europass Format

- Motivation letter, indicating area(s) of interest within the scope of the Agency and justifying the need of the traineeship for educational purposes

for regular paid Traineeship

To apply please submit your application online as soon as possible via EUSPA e-recruitment portal from HERE

More Details

for more information about the eligibility criteria as well as the rights and duties of the trainees in the Rules governing the traineeship scheme of the Agency. We recommend you to read this info-pack carefully before submitting your application.

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