Get a job" - but how? | ESC Volunteering project in Finland (Fully Funded)

An excellent opportunity for volunteers from EU countries and Ukraine to join the ESC volunteering project "Get a job - but how?" on life management and job hunting for two weeks in Punkaharju, Finland. The project is organised by "IKKO" and funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Union.

Get a job" - but how? | ESC Volunteering project in Finland (Fully Funded)

About "IKKO"

"IKKO" is a folk high school provides a blend of general and vocational education for adult learners from Finland and around the world, available during the academic year and various sessions throughout. The student body encompasses diverse groups, including those with special needs and asylum seekers.

About "Punkaharju"

Punkaharju is located in eastern Finland, close to Savonlinna, approximately a four-hour train trip from Helsinki. The school of the project is nestled amidst breathtaking natural landscapes, flanked by lakes on either side. Here, you can immerse yourself in the charm of the Finnish countryside, adorned with picturesque lakes and dense forests. The region provides excellent prospects for outdoor pursuits, including hiking adventures.

About the Volunteering project

In this volunteering team, Volunteers will get an ideas, tools and new energy for life management and how to hunt a job. During these two weeks you will discover well your strengths and practise your skills in making good applications for the job opportunities, polishing your CVs, training on video presentations as well as setting up interview simulations. 

The team will learn about the possibilities and recognition of non-formal learning such as YouthPass in volunteering programs and how that can be beneficial when applying for jobs. The participants will also discuss and learn more about the similarities and differences in European countries regarding youth wellbeing, working culture and unemployment. The participants will increase their labour market awareness and learn to map job opportunities widely. 

The focus is on mutual learning, growing together and empowerment. This volunteering team will also do some practical work for the environment, and get to know the surroundings.

Expenses & Benefits

This volunteering project is supported by the European Solidarity Corps program of the EU and include the following:

- There is no participation fee;

- Volunteers will be accommodated in shared rooms in the student dormitory at a school in Punkaharju, eastern eastern Finland near Savonlinna and it takes four hours by train from Helsinki;

- All meals will be provided by the organisers of the host organisation;

- There are opportunities for engaging in various creative and recreational activities such as hiking;

- Additionally, sauna and swimming facilities are accessible for relaxation and leisure;

Each volunteer is entitled to receive 5 EUR/ day as a pocket money, you have to stay the whole entire period of the project to take it.

- Volunteers will have free time to enjoy beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings, as well as try out Finnish summer activities. 

Travel costs to and from Punkaharju, Finland will be reimbursed after participation in the project according to the distance between your  travelling place to the volunteering venue as follows:
  • for travel distance between 10 and 99 km: 20 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 100 and 499 km: 180 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 500 and 1999 km: 275 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 2000 and 2999 km: 360 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 3000 and 3999 km: 530 EUR / person
  • Calculate your budget from Erasmus+ Distance Calculator HERE
  • IMPORTANT: keep all your travel documents! Online boarding passes and tickets for reimbursements. No documents = No reimbursement!
  • IMPORTANT: Please send your travel proposition per e-mail to the organisers and wait for their confirmation before purchasing your tickets!
- Participants are entitled to receive Youthpass certificate after finishing the project.

Eligibility | Who can apply?

This project is addressed to 12 volunteers from EU countries and Ukraine who fit with the following requirements

- Young people aged between 18 to 30 years.

- Interested in learning new ideas and to improve your life situation, self knowledge and employability.  

- Ready to attend the whole duration of the project.

- Able to communicate and work in English.

What to Bring ?

Passport or ID
- Travel tickets, boarding passes, and invoices
- European Health Insurance Card if you have it
- Comfortable indoor and outdoor clothes
- Slippers, personal toiletries, and towels 
- Personal medicine - if you're taking any please let the organisers know in advance!
- optional: speaker, instruments, games, swimsuit


Application deadline: 16th of April 2024

Arrival day: 10th of June 2024

Departure day: 23rd of June 2024

How to apply?

to apply you need to fill in the online application form by the 3rd of March 2024.

More Details

for more details, check the host organisation website from HERE

Apply Now

By applying to this volunteering program, you take responsibility and risks. Inform yourself about the regulation and potential risks. "Opportunity 4U" cannot be held liable for any of the potential risks, and this post is only for informative and popularising purposes.

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