Sommerwerft Theatre Festival | ESC Volunteering in Frankfurt, Germany (Fully Funded)

An excellent opportunity for volunteers who would like to join a one month volunteering project with the association PROTAGON e.V. in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. This project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps Programme of the European Union. 

Sommerwerft Theatre Festival | ESC Volunteering in Frankfurt, Germany (Fully Funded)

About the Project

PROTAGON e.V. association invites 18 young people from EU countries to join its team volunteering project "Sommerwerft Theatre Festival". In this project the team of volunteers arrives a few days before the build-up of the festival starts. The tasks for volunteers during the project are linked to the cultural setting: community responsibilities such as maintaining the living area, and festival tasks such as assisting with specific areas (such as concert tents, theatre stages, bars or cafes, children's programs...). The festival lasts 17 days. The involvement concludes with three days of dismantling the festival, followed by additional days where volunteers gather to reflect and celebrate together.

Expenses and Benefits

- Volunteers sleep on the cultural space of PROTAGON e.V., in the garden, where a lot of rooms where build out of containers, busses, caravans and big tents.

- Volunteers will be accommodated in shared rooms with the others.

- Volunteers has access to bathrooms, a breakfast hall, living room, laundry, and other commodities. 

- The food will be provided by the host organisation with meat, vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast and brunch, and later in the day at the festival place for lunch and dinner.

Volunteers can go to the festival place that is in the city centre of Frankfurt, by bikes or by using free shuttle service

- Each volunteer is entitled to get a pocket money of 6 Euro/ day by the rules of the program.

- Your travel costs will be reimbursed according to the distance between your home and Sofia according to the following limits:

  • for travel distance between 100 and 499 km: 180 EUR / person, +30 EUR extra for Green travel.
  • for travel distance between 500 and 1999 km: 275 EUR / person, +45 EUR extra for Green travel.
  • for travel distance between 2000 and 2999 km: 360 EUR / person, +50 EUR extra for Green travel.
  • Calculate your budget from HERE

  • IMPORTANT: keep all your travel documents! Online boarding passes and tickets for reimbursements. No documents = No reimbursement!
  • IMPORTANT: Please send your travel proposition per e-mail to the organisers and wait for their confirmation before purchasing your tickets!
- Participants will receive a YouthPass certificate after the project where you are expected to self-assess your own learning and you can add it to your CV.

Eligibility | Who can apply?

This project is addressed to 18 volunteers from EU countries, who met the following requirements:

- Young people must be aged between 18 to 30 years;

- Self motivated and eager to take a new challenges for their personal and professional life;

Ready to embrace a socially responsible and healthy lifestyle, and open to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures;

- Creative and interested in working with young people;

- Enthusiastic to attend the whole duration of the project.

- Able to communicate and work in English.

What to bring?

- ID or Passport or any other document you use for travel.

- Towels, flip flops, hygiene products, and a hairdryer, if you need one.

- Medicine, if you have any specific illness or medical condition.

- Your flight tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, or any proof you have that you came to Frankfurt.


Application deadline: 1st of June 2024

Arrival day: 19th of July 2024

Start of the program: 20th of July 2024

End of the program: 13th of August 2024

Departure day: 14th of August 2024

How to apply?

Step 1: sign-in to your account on the European Youth Portal, if you don't have an account create an account  as a YOUNG PERSON from HERE

Step 2: visit the opportunity page on the portal and click "Apply" from this page, you must write your motivation letter in English.

More Details

for more details, check the host organisation website from HERE

By applying to this volunteering program, you take responsibility and risks. Inform yourself about the regulation and potential risks. "Opportunity 4U" cannot be held liable for any of the potential risks, and this post is only for informative and popularising purposes.

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