ESC volunteering project "Youthful Heritage" in Slovenia (Fully Funded)

An excellent opportunity to attend a volunteer project of the European Solidarity Corps group in the municipality of Idrija, Slovenia with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage and technical monuments that are concentrated in and around the city. The volunteer will be for 3 weeks and will be hosted by the Idrija Youth Centre in cooperation with the Idrija Association 2020 and with the support of the municipality of Idrija.

About Idrija

Idrija is a town of some 6.000 inhabitants, and is located in Western Slovenia, halfway between Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, and the Italian border. Idrija is a town of rich cultural and natural heritage. It boasts the title of “the oldest Slovenian mining town” as the first miners began to search for mercury here already in 1490.

The broader town area is since 2012 inscribed to UNESCO World Heritage List with its heritage of mercury. There are many museums and sights you can explore in Idrija which Include Idrija Municipal Museum, Hg Smelting Plant, Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark Visitors Centre, Rake Water Channel, Idrija Lace School.

About the Project

Youthfull Heritage is a group volunteer project of the European Solidarity Team hosted by the Idrija Youth Centre in Idrija, Slovenia. The project aims to preserve the cultural heritage and monuments located in Idrija, Slovenia. Idrija, once the second largest mercury mine in the world, has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List with many cultural and technical attractions concentrated in and around the city. By including 16 young volunteers and mobilisation of local community, this heritage will come alive through the implementation of a series of workshops and public events.

 The main group activity for volunteers will be divided into 4 parts, each followed by an evaluation of learning processes:

1. BEGINNING: starting with getting general information about your stay, getting to know each other and getting acquainted with mentors and hosting organizations 

2. PLANNING: gathering ideas, planning of the activities and dividing tasks, setting the deadlines and preparing the action plan.

3. IMPLEMENTATION: various activities for revitalising the Joseph Shaft and Giser miners‘ house 

4. CLOSING: conclusion and evaluation in which the group will present the project to the general public, organise an open day, write articles in different languages, review the competences we gained and evaluate the whole experience.

Finance and Benefits

- Travel expenses from your home country to Slovenia will be reimbursed if you use public transportation according to the distance between your place to the volunteering activity as follows:

  • If the distance is less than 100 km you are entitled to 20 € reimbursement.
  • If the distance is less than 500 km you are entitled to 180 € reimbursement.
  • If the distance is (500 - 1999) km you are entitled to 275 € reimbursement.

The accommodation will be provided at Hostel Idrija, a youth hostel managed by Idrija Youth Center.

Rooms will be shared by 2 volunteers.

- The kitchen, living room area and bathrooms will be shared by the whole group.

Each volunteer will receive 136 € for food.

Each volunteer will receive 4€ of pocket money per day (= 84€ in whole the project).

The volunteers will have an option of obtaining a Youthpass certificate by Idrija 2020 Association and Idrija Youth Center to prove their newly acquired skills & competencies.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to keep all your travel documents! Online boarding passes and tickets can also be forwarded via e-mail. No documents = no reimbursement!

Who can Apply?

The participant must be between 18 and 30 years old.

- Have a good command of English is preferable and some experience in physical work, video production, event organisation, art & music are desirable.

- You are active, open-minded, creative, innovative, responsible, pro-active and sociable person.

- All people with all social, geographical, economic, cultural, educational or other backgrounds are welcoming to apply.

there are no more restrictions for entering Slovenia from abroad regarding the COVID-19 situation


Deadline: 23th of May 2022

Selection: the final selection of the 16 participants by May 23 and you will know your result 

Arrival Day: 15th of June 2022

Departure Day: 5th of July 2022

How to Apply?

to apply, you should fill in the application form HERE

For further details about the project and organisers, check the info-pack from HERE

Apply Now

Official Website

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