ESC Volunteer project "Volunteering Teams on Ruhnu Island" in Estonia for 3 weeks (Fully Funded)

Participation in volunteering project with European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is amazing opportunity to discover new cultures, traditions and improve your personal and professional skills. In this article we will share with you ESC Volunteer project for 3 weeks in Ruhu Island, Estonia. This program is organised by "OÜ Liise Talu Ruhnu Saarel" organisation and co-funded by the Erasmus+ / European Solidarity Corps program of the European Union.

About the project

"Volunteering Teams on Ruhnu Island" is an ESC  short- term Volunteer project for 10 international volunteers on the Island of Ruhnu, Estonia. The aim of the project is to support a small entity called Liise Talu in organising a marathon called Liise Run, which is a yearly recurring and recognized sporting event in the Estonian marathon calendar. 

The group of volunteers would help to manage the competition in different aspects, starting from taking photos of the event, keeping an eye on the track, but also with cleaning up the nature paths afterwards. In addition to practical tasks for the event there will also be planned learning activities, workshops and intercultural learning during the project.

About Ruhnu Island

Ruhnu Island is situated in the center of the Gulf of Liivi. The area of the island is 11,9 km² and less than 100 people live there permanently. Ruhnu is currently the smallest parish in Estonia and was first mentioned in 1341. The island is home to some unique buildings and architecture. In Ruhnu, you’ll find the oldest wooden building in Estonia as well as the oldest surviving wooden sanctuary, St. Madeline’s Church. Ruhnu is accessible during the summer by boat and from autumn to spring by plane. 

Proposed Activities

- Helping Liise Talu with organising the large sporting event.

- Promoting further the active and healthy lifestyle in the Ruhnu community by implementing workshops on the topic.

Organising cultural evenings for local people, introducing different cultures to the remote community.

Gardening work in order to help make a herb garden.

- Participation in other activities on the island, with the aim of bringing people together. 

Finance and Benefits

- The volunteers will be accommodated in a private house together in shared rooms but still have plenty of space.

- There is a kitchen in the house which will be used by the volunteers to prepare lunch and dinners in shifts for their own group.

- There is a shower rooms and sauna as well.

- Each volunteer will receive 4 EUR/ Day as a pocket Money.

On the island of Ruhnu everything is within a walking distance, but there is also a car available if need be.

On the island of Ruhnu everything is within a walking distance, but there is also a car available if need be.

Maximum travel reimbursements (round trip) will be as following depends on the distance you have to travel from your country of residence to 

  • for travel distance between 0 and 99 km: 23 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 100 and 499 km : 180 EUR / person 
  • for travel distance between 500 and 1999 km : 275 EUR / person
  • for travel distance between 2000 and 2999 km : 360 EUR / person


- Aged between 18 to 30 years old.

- You are a resident in European country and don't need a visa for Estonia.

- Have a passionate about sport, healthy lifestyle, and organising events.

- Active young people with high motivation.

- willingness to experience life and work on a tiny remote island during three weeks.


- There is no application deadline

- Arrival Day14/05/2023

- Departure Day: 31/05

How to apply?

you just need to fill in the application form

For more details about the project, check the official website from HERE

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