Bucharest Summer University 2023 for 2 weeks in Romania (Funded)

An opportunity to attend the Official Summer School of the University of Bucharest for Economic Studies which is organised annually. The summer school lasts for two weeks and available for students from Europe and all around the world.

About Bucharest summer school

The Bucharest Summer University is an international cultural and academic event, which will take place between 13th and 27th of August 2023, focusing on economic problems and related fields of interest and has as a main objective to promote common academic values. More than 40 participants will spend 2 weeks in the campus of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, including one extended weekend to explore particular destinations across the country. This year’s topic is Corporate Sustainability Reporting (challenges & opportunities).

At the end of the two weeks period of courses, seminars, workshops and debates sustained or moderated by renowned professors and national and international specialists and after passing a final exam, the participants will receive 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Who can Apply? 

- All university students from all levels ( Bachelor and Masters ).

- All University students from Europe and all around the world.

Finance and Benefits

In order to take part, you have to choose between three categories of applications: Full Scholarship , Partial Payment or Total Payment

For Full Scholarship

Price: free

For Partial Payment

Price: 300 € (Early Bird)

Price: 400 € (Late bird)

Deadline: Early bird: 1st of May 2023, and Late bird: 20th of May 2023

For Total Payment

Price: 600 €* (Early Bird)

Price: 700 € (Late bird)

Deadline: Early bird: 1st of May 2023, and Late bird: 20th of May 2023

During BSU, the organising team will guarantee you the following:

  • Accommodation in Moxa E, the professors’ dormitory, with cozy and modern double rooms. the accommodation is free or included in the price (for those who are applying for Partial and Total Payment).
  • 3 meals per day.
  • Transport from and to the airport
  • Weekend trip (hotels, meals, transportation)
  • Courses and extracurricular activities. 

- None of the payment methods include transportation costs for coming and leaving Romania.

Required Documents

- For Full Scholarship

You need to fill in the application form, upload CV and an essay (sent using the Application form)

About the essay:

Format: 1200 words (Times New Roman, Size 12, Spacing 1,5 | Save it as a WORD document)

Topic: Why sustainability reporting is needed?


- Choose and describe an appropriate subject according to the essay main topic
- Give examples and facts
- Explain different issues regarding the topic and present solutions
- Present your own point of view on the main topic

Essay Structure:

1- Short intro with your motivation and the subject discussed
2- Presentation of the issue regarding FinTech vs traditional financial services
3- Your opinion about the issue
4- Conclusion

- For Partial Payment

You need to fill in the application form, upload CV and a Motivation letter.

- For Total Payment

It is necessary only Fill the application form and upload  CV.


- For Full Scholarship

Deadline: 20th of May 2023

Results: 1st of June 2023 (if no deadline extension is applied)

- For Partial Payment 

Deadline: 20th of May 2023
Results: up to 3 weeks after sending your application

- For Total Payment

Deadline: 20th of May 2023
Results: in maximum 48 hours after sending your application

How to Apply?

to Apply fill in the Application form HERE

For more details, please join BSU Community or contact them at application@bsu.ase.ro

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