ESC Volunteering "Vitality" 2024 in Bergolo, Italy (Fully Funded)

Open call for young people from Europe and the neighbouring country to apply for the long-term volunteering project "Vitality in Bergolo, Italy for one year. This project is hosted and organised by Vagamondo association and funded by the European Solidarity Corps program of the European Commission.

About Vagamondo Association

Associazione Vagamondo is  based an NGO in Bergolo, in the south of Piedmont region in Italy focused on European mobility and non- formal education. It provides learning and growing opportunities for young people and youth workers.

​The name Vagamondo comes from the concept of travel as a powerful tool of self-discovery and personal development: it is through direct contact with cultural and personal differences that identity becomes more visible to every individual; it is coming out of the comfort zone, getting involved in new activities, different than the usual ones, that people can identify room to grow and work on themselves.

About Vitality 

Vitality is a European Solidarity Corps project that brings aliveness and dynamism on different levels as follows :

​- To the rural community of Alta Langa and lower Piedmont by providing international mobility opportunities to local young people, by preserving local cultural heritage, by taking care of the natural landscape through permaculture, by organising and implementing festivals and events, by promoting sustainable tourism.

Ten young volunteers will get new experiences, develop underutilised abilities, and find new passions in life outside their local reality. The project provides learning opportunities in the field of youth work by getting involved in projects for young people organised at the local and international level like Erasmus+ programs.

To the entities involved in the project: The organizations Vagamondo, New Wellness Education and Parco Culturale Alta Langa will receive support in the implementation of their institutional activities and also new inputs and new ideas from the European volunteers. That will increase the offer and the capacity of the associations to operate at the local, national and international level. The volunteers will develop activities also in cooperation with some of the municipalities of Alta Langa.

Main tasks

International and local youth work: supporting the association team in the development of youth projects such as youth exchanges, training courses, and volunteering projects in Bergolo and abroad. Also you will help in promoting the international opportunities for young people. Additionally, focusing on local activities on the municipalities of of Alta Langa and lower Piedmont through meetings in high schools, universities, organisations, and other public and private spaces.

Local festivals and cultural activities: support the organisers of the festivals and cultural events of music and art organised by the municipality of Bergolo. Also you will have the chance to organise activities cultural events managed by you.

Digitalisation: Volunteers will complete the project Bergolo Digitale, which digitizes the artistic heritage of the town, makes it usable online and allows visitors to access information on the art works exhibited an plain air through QR codes affixed to the side of the works. 

Personal project: As part from European Solidarity Corps volunteering project and in the framework of your learning goals and of the goals of the project, you will be encouraged to carry out your own personal project.

Eligibility | Who can apply

- Young people aged between 18 - 30 years of age

- A resident in Europe or in a neighbouring country included in the European Solidarity corps, check the list from HERE

- You are available for 12 months, beginning of Winter/Spring 2024

You want to interact with locals and young people from other countries, directly and online

You want to practice and improve teamwork skills in a multicultural context

- You want to stop your daily life, try new things with focus on yourself, and start a new path after volunteering with clearer priorities and newly defined goals

You want to live for one year in a village, in the countryside and enjoy being surrounded by nature

Financial conditions and Benefits

The project is funded by the European solidarity corps and includes:

- There is no any participation fee

The volunteers will be accommodated in shared apartments. The apartments consists of a kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom and double bed rooms. All the accommodation costs and utlities are being taken care of by the host organisation.

Each participant is entitled to receive 180 EUR as a pocket money monthly. and 165 EUR as a food allowance by the end of each month.

- The volunteers will be insured through Henner health insurance scheme. This will be provided for each volunteer by the organisers through Mobility Tool+ portal. ​ 

- All the transportation expenses involving the activities of the project are being taken care of by the organisation. There is a bus station in Cortemilia. A car and a personal mountain bike is available for the volunteers to explore the local area in their free time.

Travel expenses from your home country to project venue will be reimbursed after participation in the project according to the distance between your  travelling place to the volunteering venue as follows:
  • for travel distance between 100 and 499 km: 180 EUR / person, +30 EUR extra for Green travel.
  • for travel distance between 500 and 1999 km: 275 EUR / person, +45 EUR extra for Green travel.
  • for travel distance between 2000 and 2999 km: 360 EUR / person, +50 EUR extra for Green travel.
  • Calculate your budget from HERE
  • IMPORTANT: keep all your travel documents! Online boarding passes and tickets for reimbursements. No documents = No reimbursement!
  • IMPORTANT: Please send your travel proposition per e-mail to the organisers and wait for their confirmation before purchasing your tickets!
- The volunteers will have an option of obtaining a Youthpass certificate by Idrija Youth Center to prove their newly acquired skills and competencies. you can check more about Youthpass from HERE

Volunteering Schedule

The usual daily working schedule is from 9 to 12:30 and from 14 to 17:30, from Monday to Friday. The timetable will be different and can include weekends when youth exchanges, trainings, or other events happen in Bergolo. The secret word to apply is "Bee".


Application deadline: As Soon As Possible, selection of  the volunteers will be with an ongoing process

Starting time: Winter/ Spring 2024 

End time: Winter/ Spring 2025

How to Apply 

To apply, you just need to fill in the application form as soon as possible

More Details

for more details about this volunteering project, check the opportunity website from HERE

Apply Now

Opportunity Website

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