YOUth DIG Event in Vilnius, Lithuania (Fully Funded)

Open call for 30 young people from all over Europe to participate in YOUth DIG 2024 event which prepares young people who are interested about topics related to the Internet to become active participants in EuroDIG. The YOUthDIG event is an annual event organised by European Dialogue on Internet Governance organisation in Vilnius, Lithuania.

YOUth DIG Event in Vilnius, Lithuania (Fully Funded)

About EuroDIG

The European Dialogue on Internet Governance organisation (EuroDIG) is an open multi-stakeholder platform to exchange views about the Internet and how it is governed. It was first organised in 2008 by a number of organisations, officials, and specialists. Its goal is to promote communication and cooperation with the Internet community about public policy for the Internet, with the annual conference being held in a different European city each year. The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is delivered with prepared "Messages" from EuroDIG.

About YOUthDIG 2024

The Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YOUth DIG) is a yearly event brings the young people from across Europe who are interested about topics related to Internet. During YOUth DIG, Participants will learn about Internet Governance, and discuss and share ideas with experienced internet policy practitioners but also experience peer-to-peer learning and networking with youth residing in Europe. You will be actively engaged by developing policy messages that you will be presenting at EuroDIG but also the global IGF.

The event will be consisted of an online phase with virtual meetings and the physical event. The YOUth DIG in person meeting is scheduled to be held just before EuroDIG 2024.

Eligibility | Who can apply for "YOUth DIG"

- Anybody aged between 18-30 years and residing in the European region country is eligible to apply.

- Newcomers to internet governance are encouraged to apply, especially those who don't have any previous experience and want to learn something new.

Young professionals with more than 3 years of professional work experience do not need to apply for YOUthDIG, you are welcome to attend EuroDIG directly. 

Practical conditions

- Successful applicants will be offered a travel and/ or accommodation grant to attend YOUthDIG and EuroDIG 2024 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

- For those who are staying in the YOUthDIG accommodation, breakfast is served on all days.

On 13 June, The start will be in the evening by welcome gathering, however you will organise your own dinner.

14 – 16 June (YOUthDIG), Organisers will provide lunch, a social programme and dinner.

17 – 19 June (EuroDIG), the host will provide a simple lunch, however you will organise your own dinner so that you can network and join members of the EuroDIG community. 

- Selected applicants must pay in advance for their travel tickets and then they will get the travel reimbursements for return travel after the event.

- Participants are responsible for any costs related to COVID-requirements, insurance, visa, local transportation, and daily needs.

- Participants are required to keep costs as low as possible, this will give us the opportunity to invite more participants to join us.

What is needed in your submission?

You will be asked in the application form to share about your background, interest or connection with Internet governance and why you find the topic interesting and what you would like to achieve with YOUthDIG.

Note: In your application you will be asked for your motivation. Please do not write that you want to join YOUthDIG because you want to share your experiences. Be specific about what you want to share: which topics? Which experiences? What unique perspective or circumstance?


Application deadline: 14  February 2024

Arrival day: 13 June 2024

The YOUthDIG programme: 14-16 June 2024

EuroDIG Event: 17-19 June 2024

Departure day: 20 June 2024

How to apply

To apply for for YOUth DIG Programme, you just need to fill in the online application before the deadline.

More Details

Before applying for this programme, check the full details carefully on EuroDIG website from HERE

Apply Now

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By applying to this Event, you take responsibility and risks. Inform yourself about the regulation and potential risks. "Opportunity 4U" cannot be held liable for any of the potential risks, and this post is only for informative and popularising purposes.

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