Young Energy Ambassadors programme in Brussels, Belgium (Fully Funded)

Open call for 30 participant from all around Europe to join the Young Energy Ambassadors program in Brussels, Belgium from 11-13 June 2024. If you are a passionate for sustainable energy and want to be at the front of the movement, Don't miss this chance to apply for the Young Energy Ambassadors program. It is an opportunity for the young to contribute to the global shift towards a greener future.

Young Energy Ambassadors programme in Brussels, Belgium (Fully Funded)

About Young Energy Ambassadors 

The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) launched a call for Young Energy Ambassadors. This opportunity is for young professionals who are contributing to the energy transition from across the European Union to represent the event’s young audience and act as multipliers of its campaign.

The Young Energy Ambassadors program aims to confirm the connection between the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) and young people, enhancing their interest and involvement in the sustainable energy sector. 

Obligations of the young energy Ambassador 

By joining to the Young Energy Ambassadors programme, the candidates agree to support the promoting of EUSEW and its results for the entire period of the program by:

- Providing additional information about themselves to the organising team for the development of promotional material, including filmed interview, photos, and quotes;

- Using promotional materials to promote EUSEW on their channels (such as social media, newsletters, network of contacts, organisation website, etc.)

- Participating in activities that will run from April 2024 to June 2025, including possible follow-up activities (e.g. meetings, events, video production, etc.);

- Attending EUSEW physically in Brussels from 11 to 13 June 2024.


- The candidate should be a resident in Europe;

- Candidates must be aged between 18 -34 years, Candidates for this category must be born after 13 June 1989 and no later than 13 June 2006;

- The candidate's personal activities, projects, and actions must be carried out in at least one country located in the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Selection Criteria

The evaluation in the selection process will consider 3 criteria related to the questions in the application form. Each of these criteria will be scored on a scale from 1 to 10.

Profile: Applicants should concentrate on highlighting elements of authenticity and their personal journey toward becoming an advocate for the clean energy transition.

Action: Applicants should show how their initiatives have advanced the clean energy transition or contributed to tackling specific challenges in the sustainable energy sector.

Impact: The application should clearly explain the range to which the described activities are contributing to the achievement of European energy and climate targets and/or are making an important contribution to the sustainable energy policy debate.

Financial conditions

- There is no participation fee to join the programme.

- The EUSEW organising team will cover travel expenses and accommodation.


Application period: 30 January - 03 March 2024

Evaluation period: 03 March 2024

Selection result: April 2024

Event days: 11-13 June 2024

How to apply

to apply you need to create an account on European Sustainable Energy Week webpage and fill out the online application from HERE 

More Details

for more details, check the opportunity website from HERE

Apply Now

By applying to this programme, you take responsibility and risks. Inform yourself about the regulation and potential risks. "Opportunity 4U" cannot be held liable for any of the potential risks, and this post is only for informative and popularising purposes. 

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