Apply for " Points of You" Training course in Prague, Czech Republic

If you are an active trainer, facilitator, mentor, or simply someone who work with others and has some activities, talents, and experiences that you can offer to others, so this training course will be a great opportunity for you. It is a 7 day training course in Prague, Czech Republic and will be hosted by Vice Versa CZ and funded by Erasmus Plus.

Apply for " Points of You" Training course in Prague, Czech Republic

About Vice Versa CZ

Vice Versa is an NGO formed by trainers, youth workers and educators with a passion for non-formal education, based in Prague, Czech Republic. It offers local and international activities based on non-formal education. It supports intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, environmental and global education, and the creation of links between formal and non-formal education by providing educational opportunities both for young people and those working with them. 

About Prague

Prague is the administrative capital of the Czech Republic. It is also the main and economic center of the republic. It is classified as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with a population of about 1,300,000 people, according to the statistics of the year 2020. Prague is very famous for being a beautiful city that includes many stunning landscapes, public squares, cobbled walkways, art galleries, and a wide range of Attractive attractions, such as: St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Hall tower, Strahov Library, Astronomical Clock, Wenceslas Square and the National Museum.

About " Points of You"

A 7-day training course that offers the necessary space and appropriate support to develop your own style of training or the activities you offer and to make your activities and workshops more attractive, effective and useful. As a trainer, coach or facilitator, your actions can have a huge impact on others. This Training course is created for people who have already taken the initial steps to introduce activities to people and want to develop these activities to become more useful to others.Since each point is important, we will focus on your context as a coach and the context of your activities (shaping the different elements that make it more engaging and tailored to your group).

You will enjoy embodiment that supports your self-awareness and expression through movement, sound, and theatre activities and by playing with the elements that surround you to create the desired atmosphere. All this in a supportive and safe environment. Vice Verse CZ will use holistic app roach to learning and we will focus on:

You and Your Personal Style: exploring your distinctive way of training self expression through body and voice activities. 

Designing Learning Experience: mastering your training skills while consciously using atmosphere, space and resources.

Creating Space for Sharing: exploring, reflecting, experimenting, sensing, playing, connecting and sharing with others in a safe environment.

What You gain?

- You will learn to listen to your own body and to share your own experience with others.

- Practice your ability to create safe and inclusive learning environment.

- Become more confident and flexible when working with groups.

- Have more tools to design engaging activities made for your target group.

- Have fun while increasing your creativity, flexibility and playfulness in an international group.  

Finance and Living

- All travel expenses will be covered by Erasmus if you provide host organisation with all your travel tickets as follows

Czech Republic - 20 euro

Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland - 180 euro

Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Latvia - 275 euro 

- Free accommodation in a modern farmhouse, situated in a small village called Habří in the middle of the wonderful Vysočina countryside.

- There will be shared rooms with a toilet and shower in each room.

 All participants will take care of house as a group (eg. washing dishes, cleaning the rooms etc). 

- Available meals will be vegetarian and will be done by amazing cooks.

Participant contribution is on a sliding scale between 30-100 €.

If COVID tests are required to enter/exit the country, the participants are responsible to cover the costs.


- You have more than 18 years old.

- Be an active trainer, coach, facilitator, teacher or a person who works with other and have already some basic experience in working with groups.

- Ready to improve the way you prepare and facilitate the activities for your groups. 

committed to participate in the project through all the phases.

- Eager, motivated, open to new challenges.

- Speaking English fluently.

- A resident in one of these countries ( Czech Republic - Poland - Hungary - Slovakia - Bulgaria - Slovenia - Italy - Greece - Spain - Latvia).


Preparation: In February, you will get to know each other online before arrival.

Arrival: 23 February 2022

Start: Start of the programme will be 24 February 10 am

End: End of the Programme will be 3 March 8 pm

Departure: 3 March 2022

Follow up: After the TC, the journey continues with applying what you have learned back in your own youth work. All participants are asked to create a follow-up activity and to organise it within 2 months after the training course.

How to apply?

First step: Contact with the partner organisation in your country

Vice Verse CZ Partner organisations are:-

Edu Era (Slovakia) 


Unesco Initiatives (Poland)


USB (Greece)


ATGTP (Italy) 


Ara en Moviment (Spain)


Sabai Training (Hungary)


Moave (Slovenia) 


SYNERGY (Bulgaria)


re:view (Latvia) 


Second: Fill the application form from here 

For more details you can see infoletter about the opportunity from here 

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