Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 in Azerbaijan

An opportunity to attend the Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 in Azerbaijan for 4 days. This summit is considered the Second Global peace Summit in 2022 after Global peace summit Dubai in last February. This summit organised by Global peace chain.

Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 in Azerbaijan

About Global Peace Chain

Global Peace Chain is an international peace building organisation established on 2018 and have Head office in United states. It want to build resilience and spread a culture of tolerance, inclusivity, consonance,  love and social peace building across the border.Global Peace Chain aspires to assemble the youth all over the world for a unanimous Peace Mission to sign a Petition stated as “PEACE BY DIALOGUE”

About Global Peace Summit 

Global Peace Summit is an international platform bringing forth creative and competent peace leaders from 150+ states and through valuable experiences and deliberations aims to expand the domain of their perspectives along with personal improvement, so in future, they would have the skills and experience to stand up against and counter any form of hate, violence, and discrimination, while promoting the word of peace and tolerance. The forum is focused on understanding the comprehension of Peace and its aspects by today’s youth. 

About Baku

Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, and the largest city located on the coast of the Caspian Sea and in the entire Caucasus region. Baku is a cultural and urban city par excellence, as it includes many different cultures with a distinct European character, in addition to being influenced by the eastern Islamic character. Baku is characterised by many wonderful tourist places such as Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, the old city and the famous Baku Towers, which are three skyscrapers up to 182 meters high.

Global peace summit Baku Topics 

 The Topics will be discussed in Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 :-

Are human rights universally propagated or culturally constrained?

Seriousness of social media- can it actually curb Peace issues or its all an illusion.

- The part played by international organisations in the attainment of world peace - meagre or major.

The impact of globalisation on Identity in today’s world- has the phenomena strengthened or monopolised identities.

- What essential role highly functioning corporations can play in combating climate change?

Is racism a societal or political phenomena? And how can it be handled?


 For Fully Funded Applicants

- Free Air-Ticket to and from Baku, Azerbaijan.

- Free Accommodation.

- Meals ( Breakfast and Lunch).

Peace Passport, Certificate, Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

For Partially Funded Applicants

- Free Accommodation.

- Meals ( Breakfast and Lunch).

Peace Passport, Certificate, Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

For self Funded Applicants

- They will buy GPS delegate package.

- They will be provided equal privileges including Certificate, Peace Passport, Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.


Visa Assistance ( Global Peace Chain will only provide visa guide and does not guarantee any visa to any category of delegates).

- Opportunity to interact with Global Leaders.

- A chance to share your social impacts.

- Peace Education & Leadership Capacity Building Sessions.

- Diplomatic Panel Talks.

- Awards & Certifications.

Signatory campaign

- Cultural Presentation

- Gala Night


- All nationalities can apply.

- Your age between 16-40 years.

Open minded, highly motivated and passionate.

Interested in achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

- Students and young professionals are encouraged to apply.


Global Peace Summit is 4 days in Dubai from 29th May to 1st June 2022.

Application fee

You must pay 35 USD for application. Three methods for application fee is given at Fee section. You can pay with Western Union, Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Attention please: Application fee is Not Refundable and cannot be challenged if you are not selected in any category.


DeadlineApril 29, 2022 at 23:59 (USA Time Zone-EST).

InterviewsInterviews of shortlisted applicants will be conducted on May 03 & 04, 2022

Results: Results will be announced on May 07, 2022 .

Confirmation: Final confirmation of delegates will be required till May 10, 2022.

Arrival: Arrival of Delegates in Baku, Azerbaijan on 29 May, 2022 at 08:00 am – 02:00 pm 

Departure: 1st June 2022

How to apply?

you can apply by fill in the Application from press here 

For more details check the official website from here 

Apply Now

Official Website

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