Youth Exchange: Hiking in Iceland for 8 days (Fully Funded)

A great opportunity for lovers of hiking amid the charming nature of Iceland. This youth exchange comes within the Empathic Step project. Empathic Step is a 3-phased empathy developing project to step in variety of different shoes through KING methodology: Knowledge, Involvement, Nature, Growth. This project organised by organisation with co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of European union in the village of 200 people, situated near the lake of Laugarvatn. It is surrounded by the hills, lava fields, fertile countryside, a forest and geothermal pool. Host organisation will host 35 participants from 7 countries in this project.

Youth Exchange: Hiking in Iceland for 8 days (Fully Funded)

About the project invite you to step in the shoes of other people and SWIM in Isle of Wight, RUN in Northern Ireland and HIKE in Iceland. During swim, run and hike and other types of physical activities through non-formal education methods you will explore sensitive topics and particularly EMPATHY. This project will focus 

- To develop personally, which helps to understand ourselves and reflect on own behaviour and behaviour of others.

Overcoming the stereotypes of different religions

- To raise awareness on the topic of discrimination

To raise the sense of empathy towards other people

To understand the connections between culture and sport and to understand the inter cultural aspects of sport.

About Iceland

Iceland is a European island country, located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, with an estimated population of about 320,000 people, and a total area of approximately 103,000 km², and its capital is Reykjavik, which is its largest city. The mainland of the country is a plateau that contains sand fields, in addition to mountains and icy valleys, and its climate is characterised as moderate and suitable for life despite its location in the Arctic Circle.

Finance and Benefits

- No Application fee for this Youth Exchange

- Accommodation, meals and program materials are covered by Erasmus+ programme.

Youth Exchange will happen in Laugarvatn HI hostel, which is in the village of 200 people, situated near the lake of Laugarvatn.

You will stay in rooms of 4-5 persons,sharing with others toilets and showers.

- 80% of travel expenses will be covered with the following maximum amount

participant from Iceland - 20 euro

participant from UK - 275 euro

Participant from Lithuania - 360 euro

Participant from Italy and Spain - 530 euro

Participant from Turkey and Greece - 820 euro

Attention: It is obligatory to bring all your tickets and invoices, boarding passes and receipts (originals). Without these documents, travelling charges can't be reimbursed.

- Bring European Health Card and Insure in other ways because we do not provide and are not liable for any incidents.


- your age between 18 - 30 years old.

- You are a resident in one of the following countries ( Iceland - UK - Spain - Italy - Lithuania - Turkey - Greece)

- You are open minded, care about nearby neighbourhood, local, regional, national and international communities.

- Ready to address or perhaps face yourself racial and religious discrimination.

- Wish to develop empathy in order to be more inclusive and tolerant. 

What to Bring?

- Your passport, ID 

bring sturdy comfortable waterproof because in Isle of Wight could rain a lot 

- footwear for hiking (walking boots)

- waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, hat, clothes to layer, to keep warm.

- Water bottle

Food and traditions to represent for intercultural evenings.

Bring best photo camera, video recorder you have, and of course lots of memory storage and extra batteries for long hikes.


Deadline: Application deadline is 21 March 2022

Selection: Immediately if you are a right candidate

Arrival: Arrival day is 19th of May 2022

Programme: A total of 8 days from 20 -27 May 2022

Departure: Departure day is 28th of May 2022

How to Apply?

First: Read all details and the full description of the program in the official website from here 

Secondly: To apply in the application form available here

- If you need support you can contact the partner organisation from the list below. - United Kingdom


Iceland Pearl - Iceland


SOS Europa - Italy


Inovatyvi Karta - Lithuania


Solidarity Mission - Greece


LaVibria Intercultural - Spain


Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi - Turkey 


Attention Please!

The project is an excerpt and shared for dissemination. The project is not under the responsibility of . we recommend that you contact the host institution for details and much more.

Apply Now

Official website

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