Nasser Fellowship for international Leadership Batch"4" in Egypt (Funded)

Great opportunity for the young leaders from all over the  world to attend Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership in Egypt for 19 days. This fellowship organised by Ministry of Youth and Sports in Egypt and Nasser Youth Movement. In the past, the fellowship included only young people from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and due to current global events, it has expanded to include all continents of the world.

About Nasser fellowship

The first batch of the Nasser Leadership Fellowship was held in June 2019 under the auspices of the Egyptian Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly. The fellowship was aimed at young African executive leaders in several effective operational disciplines within their communities, with the aim of generalising the development experience in Egypt in the strong establishment of its institutions and the building of national character. The Nasser International Fellowship II has been expanded to include young leaders from Asia and Latin America, in addition to the African continent.

Emerged from the Nasser Leadership Fellowship, “Nasser Youth Movement” in several African & Asia countries that adopt the principles endorsed by the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity, calling for unity and solidarity between Africans and brotherly peoples who supported Africa as Asian and Latin American peoples.

The fellowship, in its 3rd edition and fourth edition, aims to shed light on the role of Non-aligned youth in developing South-South cooperation in light of a rapidly changing world and how to develop this cooperation through youth as an effective and sustainable mechanism. Therefore, the fellowship’s slogan this year was “South-South Cooperation and The Non-Aligned Youth Movement that will be handled historically and how to build a youth role for it in light of the recent international polarisation in the international arena and the retreat of the so-called unipolar system and the gradual transition to a multipolar system, as well as activating the role of the youth network of the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement NYN in confronting the current challenges facing the youth of the member states of the movement.


- Sharing Egypt’s long-standing experience in establishing and building national institutions.

- Accelerating the implementation of AFCFTA.

- Activating the Global South Partnership.

- Merge Youth and Women in Peace and security Roadmaps.

-Creating a generation of young leaders from Non-Aligned States with a vision consistent with the South South Partnership.

-Raising the awareness of the historical and future role of the Non-Aligned Movement.

-Activating the role of the Youth Network of Members of the Non-Aligned Movement NYN.

– Linking the most influential young leaders all over the world.

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Finance and Benefits

- The ministry of Youth and Sports in Egypt will provide the full accommodation, local transportation, tourist attractions, and a PCR Test 48 hours before departure from Egypt.

- Every two participants from different nationalities will be shared the same room to ensure intermingling and socialisation among Fellowship participants.

- Each participants will bear the costs of flight tickets, Visa (if needed), and PCR test before travel to Egypt.


The fellowship targets 150 youth e leaders all over the world.

- Target groups are Decision-makers in Public & Private Sectors, Volunteers, Actors, National youth council Actors, civil society activists, Heads of National Youth Councils, Members of local Municipalities, Young Politicians, University Teaching staff, Researchers in political and humanitarian fields, Members of Syndicates, Journalists and Media Professionals, international, Continental humanitarian agencies, Social Entrepreneurs, ….  etc).

- Have a good command of English language.

- Age limit is 20 - 40 years old.

Fellowship period

30 May - 17 June, 2023

Selection Criteria

Nasser Fellowship pursuit of high accuracy;  It should be noted that the fellowship sets a number of criteria, taking into account equal opportunities between both sexes, and accordingly, the selection process is carried out in terms of the following:

1- Taking into account that the participants of the Fellowship should be (50% male and 50% female).

2- It was taken into account that 5% of the total participants are people with disabilities.

3- filling the application in English language well, attentively and in detail electronically.

4- The quality of the attached video in terms of the applicant’s presentation of his/her skills, experiences band aspirations within two minutes, and the extent to which they coincide with the application he filled.

5- The applicant’s ability to express himself/ herself in English, to ensure the easy communication among participants from all over the world during the fellowship activities, and multilingualism is an important criterion, but it is not a decisive factor in the selection process.

6- Cultural dimensions, field experiences and the extent of the applicant's involvement in (private sector - public sector - civil work). 

7- The institution to which the applicant belongs and the extent of his/her influence in it, even if it is a small but effective civil institution, as an indicator of his/ her participation in public life.

How to apply?

to apply fill in the application form in English language.

NoteThe application form must be completed in English only, no other language will be considered, Applicants from all over the world are welcome.

For more details about Nasser fellowship, check the official website

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